'The Stairway To Heaven'

24 x 24"  Acrylic on Canvas

This painting was a surprise for a very dear friend, a self-proclaimed 'sucker for Cobalt blue'.


She likes to come up with suggestions of names for my paintings, and so it was only fitting that she named this one...and so, 'The Stairway To Heaven' it was christened.

Those cloud-like forms happened by complete accident and I just went with it. I was playing with the legendary Bob Ross's 'wet-in-wet' technique, so some 'happy little clouds' were bound to happen :)

I don't usually paint with blues, but I did enjoy this combination with the terracotta and dusty rose pink, with pops of teal. This one just flowed with so much ease and love, no growing pains or tantrums of any kind.


I like it a lot.