'Lazy Summer Afternoon I'

48 x 60" Acrylic on Canvas


‘Lazy Summer Afternoon I and II’ named themselves after they were finished. This is usually the case. They were commissioned by an interior designer here in Dubai, the lovely Natalie Frank. She likes green, she said. AND TEXTURE!!


I layered down many different composition possibilities and none of them really wanted to come into being, until I decided to let the texture be the main feature. After that, they just flowed. Slowly, but steadily. Then came mixing of all those lovely greens, building up complexity in the layers, and the glowy, pale tangerine backdrop, with pops of peach in between for contrast. Yes, gorgeous summer fruit. It reminded me of how the light moves and radiates through the leaves of a tree in a cool summer breeze. Another summer, somewhere else…not Dubai! (Today’s heat index is 49 degrees Celsius or 120 Fahrenheit…61% humidity!)


But they were missing something, some energy. So I poured electric orange paint all over them. Do you have any idea how scary that is?! All those weeks of work can EASILY be destroyed in 30 seconds with the wrong dribble. But it worked…phew! And they finally informed me that they were complete.

Go through the gallery photos to see Natalie’s happy face when she saw them for the first time.