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You Are Not A Productivity Machine

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

This year, for all of it's uncertainty and craziness, has at the very least let us take a good hard look at our our relationships; with work, kids, school, our partners and friends...OURSELVES.

Our relationship with Productivity.

I've always had a volatile one, never feeling like I was doing enough until I had filled every minute and took on EVERYTHING that presented itself (a full time job and rehearsing and performing with TWO bands at one point!).

These bursts of full-throttle would inevitably lead to total exhaustion, followed by crippling depression and self-loathing because I had set impossible goal posts for myself, and set myself up to fail. Yikes!

If I think back, most of my 'deprisodes' (as my friend calls them) stemmed from feelings of not DOING enough. I would make lists upon lists of lists that needed listing of things that I thought I needed to be doing in order to stay afloat, be successful, and convince myself that I was GOING SOMEWHERE. Not healthy, I know.

Thankfully, now I can see the compulsive list-making for the warning sign that it is and stop the cycle in it's tracks. So far, so good, fingers crossed.

I KNOW it's not just me's what I've learned...

  1. Simplify your daily objectives, your to-do list (I still love a healthy non-toxic list ok!). You don't need to do 40 things today. Identify the 3 most important things that need to be done, and do them. You'll feel so much better about your day, and YOURSELF when your head hits the pillow.

  2. It's ok to rest. Really. It's NECESSARY. Idle INTENTIONALLY. Take time to unwind and relax. You will be far more effective and creative with a clear head. YOU DESERVE IT! Even if you haven't finished everything, because...

  3. It's never all going to be done anyway. There are always going to be things that need tending to. ALWAYS. That is just how life works. Interruptions, changing course, getting sick, new goals, new projects, needs of our family, friends, bosses. It's a never ending stream of tasks. Take a deep breath and go with the flow.

  4. Be patient with yourself. NOBODY has it all together as it seems on social media, or even in real life. Everyone is just doing the best they can, and no one's best is perfect. But your best is enough. You are enough.

  5. Take care of yourself. It's much MUCH harder to navigate everything when you are tired, dehydrated, stressed, hungover or sedentary. Give your body what it needs. It is the vessel that carries you through this life.

  6. Practice loving yourself no matter what, unapologetically. This is a life-long practice. You are enough just as you are, right now in this moment. You are not a to-do list.

We are exposed to constant information that compels us to do more, be more, aim higher. It is innately human to dream big and reach higher and stretch ourselves, and it's BEAUTIFUL this human experience. To grow into our potential and to want better for ourselves is a gift. The wonder of hope and infinite possibilities is a gift. To be the sculptors of our experience is a GIFT.

Do it with love, with kindness and with patience, my friend. The journey is so much more fun that way!

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